Panama – Feb 2017

We signed up for a Rockjumper birding tour of Cuba along with a Jamaica extension for March 2017. Some time later when we confirmed that we would have to fly via Panama City, we decided to try for a few nights in the Canopy Tower birding hotspot in the Soberania NP in Panama. Unfortunately, by that time they were fully booked but we were able to get 3 nights in the relatively recently opened Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Anton in the mountains a few hours from Panama City (traffic dependent).

We flew into Panama City via Sao Paulo and arrived early Monday morning the 27th Feb. Luck was on our side as the Carnival holidays were on and the traffic was light around the city and we made it up to the Canopy Lodge in under 3 hours.

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IMG_6043 IMG_6042 (4)






Canopy Lodge – El Valle de Anton

IMG_6029 (4) Our bedroom The Lodge grounds






Having made it to the lodge by lunch time we were able to get in some birding around the Lodge and then a mid afternoon birding session at the Cerro Cara Iguana – number 7 on the El Valle de Anton map. Some of the birds seen that afternoon:

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066_edited-1 071_edited-1 073_edited-1






The following morning, we took a drive up the mountains and we birded the La Mesa road (number 4 on the El Valle de Anton road. We were very lucky to pick up one of the highlights quickly – a Barred Forest Falcon (a very unusual sighting for the area) when our guide picked up the call.

001_edited-1 002_edited-1 003_edited-1






005_edited-1 007_edited-1 010_edited-1






011_edited-1 013_edited-1 016_edited-1






021_edited-1 028_edited-1 029_edited-1 (2)






031_edited-1 026_edited-1 037_edited-1






039_edited-1 042_edited-1 046_edited-1






049_edited-2 050_edited-2 053_edited-2






054_edited-1 058_edited-1 061_edited-1






After lunch back at the Lodge, we took an afternoon walk higher up on the Las Minas Road (number 3 on the El Valle de Anton map) – the highlight being the Black-crowned Antpitta!

064_edited-2 066_edited-1 067_edited-1






070_edited-1 071_edited-1






On our last day in El Valle de Anton we birded the Candelario trail in the morning and the Las Mosa trail in the afternoon.

1 2 Oct 002_edited-1 1 2 Oct 007_edited-1 1 2 Oct 011_edited-1






1 2 Oct 014_edited-1 1 2 Oct 017_edited-1 1 2 Oct 020_edited-1






1 2 Oct 026_edited-1 1 2 Oct 028_edited-1 1 2 Oct 038_edited-1






1 2 Oct 040_edited-1 1 2 Oct 042_edited-1 1 2 Oct 046_edited-1






1 2 Oct 048_edited-1 1 2 Oct 051_edited-1 1 2 Oct 052_edited-1






1 2 Oct 055_edited-1 1 2 Oct 058_edited-1 1 2 Oct 059_edited-1






1 2 Oct 060_edited-1 1 2 Oct 061_edited-1 1 2 Oct 063_edited-1






1 2 Oct 064_edited-1 1 2 Oct 066_edited-1 1 2 Oct 068_edited-1






1 2 Oct 072_edited-1 1 2 Oct 074_edited-1 1 2 Oct 078_edited-1






1 2 Oct 079_edited-1 1 2 Oct 081_edited-1






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